It Is time to say NO !

Posted by Sudha P
June 2, 2017

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It is time to say no

India vs Pakistan Cricket match is the fiercest of all, the emotions attached are deep . But in the end cricket is a sport and sports are only played between civilised nations. Pakistan has clearly proved that it is nowhere close to being called one. From imprisoning Kulbhushan Jadhav , to torturing Sarabjit to mutilating our soldiers, they have left no stone unturned. Calling them barbaric would be an understatement.

Those suggesting that cricket and war are not linked and that playing the match has no relation to the India Pakistan issue , please rethink.  Agreed, cricket is not something that decides wars. But if we continue to play while  our soldiers are being  falsely accused, imprisoned, tortured, mutilated  and beheaded it would  conclusively prove that we are remaining aloof to their sacrifices. Even if we win the match against Pakistan, of course it  won’t be a sign of our military supremacy,  but on the other hand if we boycott it will exhibit our solidarity with the Indian Army.

A service in the army is a class apart and much above any other service to the country. Soldiers do not perform their duties  for the  incentives.  Incentives can only motivate one to excel not to sacrifice their  life .  If our soldiers have laid down their lives, their only motivating factor is that their countrymen believe in them and will stand by them when they need.

Enough chances given. While we were building bridges, they chose to build barricades.

It is time to say NO.

NO to cricket with Pakistan in India,

NO to cricket with Pakistan in Pakistan,

NO to cricket with Pakistan on any damn neutral territory.


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