It was Hard to believe

Posted by rahul110solanki16
June 24, 2017

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That was just like other normal days. I woke up in the morning, took my tablet to check the latest news and then I started surfing through different news articles. Hardly I could see anything else except I food crisis; actually, at that time, the whole world was on the verge of war. The issue was being debated in every country before I could finish my reading, I was stunned by what my ears heard that was the sound of collision of a building, maybe the tallest of our city, soon my eyes confirmed what my ears told me. I was dumbstruck the war had been started. It was not more than 30 minutes since that building was ruined to ashes, and the whole scenario was changed. Fighter jets were passing above buildings, helicopters were hovering over my head. That blue shiny sky was now covered with ashes. Only explosions, chuffing of helicopters and screams could be heard. Everybody was struggling hard to survive. Unlike other wars, not a single refugee camp was there where one could get food and shelter.

Let me tell you that almost every war fought on this planet was because of two reasons either dominance or land but unlike all of them this one for the existence of humanity.

It had barely been 15 days since this all started but nearly half of world population was massacred but still, 5 billion people were alive. The reason for this mass genocide was that though the world didn’t have enough food to eat but every country had nuclear warheads.

I was one of those few who had found shelter in the jungle. I was astonished by the generosity of nature which it was still showering on us after having gone through exploitation for thousands of years. Only those were alive who had taken shelter in the lap of mother nature. That was really ironic for me to understand, that nature who had been the victim of our atrocities was still on our side. Still, the images of ruined buildings, dead bodies and crying children in my mind were not letting me think anything else, sounds of explosions and screams were echoing in my ears.

At that time in the world of internet, nothing was connected. We only had an old radio which was connecting us with the outer world. Because of lack of connectivity government had again started radio service for the emergency. The only thing which we could do was imaging that destruction of our world by listening to the radio. Suddenly a fighter jet passed over our heads dropping warheads. The last thing which I could hear was that explosions and suddenly I woke up.

By the way, before this story becomes meme worthy. Let me tell you a few things which you should know.

I had no reason to tell you this story except one that though it may seem a ridiculous dream, but it is not much far from reality.

“ We need nature, nature need not us.”



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