It’s girls, Girls, Girls all the way….

Posted by Radhika Gupta
June 14, 2017

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Boys and Girls both are born equal then what is The need to discriminate between them? We say The society is discriminating between them but then who form The society? Of course We know The answer and according to that We are discriminating between Girls and Boys. Why are we discriminating amongst The women who have given birth to this entire planet? How can we discriminate amongst our own mother? Is this what we have learnt? Yes this is true that now Girls have got freedom but only in developed nations, The developing or The under-developed ones are still discussing what they can do for Girls and for their safety. Is The justice so slow that even in twenty- first century we can’t protect our Girls form The crimes and brutality? Yes, in accordance with The government bodies of developing nations, The Girls have got The freedom and everyone is accepting that and ok its true to some extent but always a parent resist to allow his/ her Girl child go alone and Girls can’t even dress themselves how they want to. Why? Because of The terror Because of All The crimes against Girls. Boys can always dress themselves how they want to but Girls, they have to dress according The society. Why can’t Girls like The boys be themselves. This is not The fault of The parent because they lovely their child but this is not either Girls fault. Girls should not always keep quiet and wait for someone else to raise voice for them, Girls themselves should raise voice for The sake of girlhood. They must not do The march, they must prepare themselves to lead even The worst situation. No one does anything for other person. One has to stand up for oneself and raise voice for oneself. Girls should be given opportunities of growth but more likely they must decure them themselves. Like one makes The best out of The waste The Girls should makes The best out of The worst situation and then one day there would be full acceptance and respect for Girls in this society.

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