Its win win situation to fail in UPSC

Posted by Rajat Mishra
June 7, 2017

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“Many People cutting Across all walks of life land In Delhi with packed bags and with immense hope, Everyyear with Precise target and Rosy dream in Heart to Make cut In UPSC final list this year and To finally become Top notch Bureaucrat “

Ira singhal, Tina Dabi, KR Nandini, Shah faisal, Artika shukla are few whose success Stories have been circulated on all platforms as they were toppers of UPSC but what about those who failed in 4th, In 5th, In last attempt after leaving Their handsome jobs ” Most Coveted and Most Difficult exam or called out as ” Mother of all Examination ”  attract lakhs of People every year in crowded lanes of Rajendra nagar and Mukherjee nagar to crack this Examination this year. But out of 1000000 people only 1000 gets recommended to final service. Toppers  occupy all channels with victory sign and eating sweets but their exist also that section who get broken every year with every succesive failure.

Sushil of Ara bihar was serving as teacher in Primary school in Ara but it was his Determination and dream to become Ias he straight came to Delhi preparing For UPSC. he gave his first attempt in 2014 he couldnt clear Prelims and 2015 he cleared mains but couldn’t make cut in final list, In 2016 he cleared main and gave interview but also not got recommendation now he is all set to give his next attempt of 2017. It is not story of Sushil only but stories like this  are in plethora. Preparing strenuously for 3 years coming so near to target and streched back too far this is all what the situation of those who failed this time. Now few questions that must be popping up in your mind is “Have I wasted 3 years of My life For UPSC”  “Wheather I am happy in my Simple life” “What is connotation of Hapiness “. Well let me quote the statistics here. 

Everyyear  lakh People  couldn’t t Give Prelim  exam due to Any Problem and few not to loose attempt and many who are not prepared to appear for exam, so all who filled application for exam must have been unhappy due to their inability to give exam.

Out of this 485000 couldnt clear prelims Some give exam as  time pass, some failed  after studying day and night but all of them would have been unhappy. 15000 People give mains who cleared Prelims and after knocking out 9 Exam in 5 days  and Preparing after 1 year those 12000 who got eliminated from this race at this stage for sure wouldn’t have been happy. Those 3000 Who get appear for interview, out of 3000, 2000 get eliminated this time get broke down into pieces with despair. Even after this out of 1000 shortlisted for services  still 900 people remain unhappy as they did not get Desired services as they get into IRS, IRTS which are normal government jobs and dont have much charm as IAS and this always prick them up so that many sit for next attemp to get IAS and out 100 Selected IAS officers many remain sullen due to alllocation of undesired remote cadre. So out of 100000, 9 lakh 99 Thousand 950 remains unhappy . So connotation of hapiness is Different for every one.

But “Final question that haunts Everyone is Have i wasted precious years of life” then I would like to Answer that haunting Question by Quoting words of  Kothamasu Dinesh kumar who got AIR 6 in UPSC 2016 exam  who said ” I have never seen  UPSC  as an examand nercmver seen this  exam as  an end but i Have always seen it As process to standout of Crowd and To make upto top 1%  of Knowledgeable people of Country, Its journey to make you compatible to compete with Creamy layer of country and You should enjoy this Process rather then taking it as burden”

“IRA SINGHAL, AIR :1,UPSC EXAM 2014 , While addressing Students of Delhi University said Prepare for UPSC but keep Your alternatives ready for Future….. As if You will keep all eggs on one tray and If tray will fall on floor, All eggs will break into pieces so Keep some eggs On different tray so be ready with alternative As UPSC is not End of life”

Many years of Seclusion and Many years of Strenous and pointed prepration may have debarred you from enjoyments of life but trust me after failing this Exam 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th time shouldn’t break you down and fill you with despair trust me this exam is going to pay you every bit of time, directly or indirectly but enjoy it dont take it as Pressure.

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