Key factors necessary to write and develop an Analytic essay

Posted by ruchi gupta
June 8, 2017

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The analytical essay focuses on how the book or poem has been authored, how the themes present themselves, or metaphor grant meaning to the poem etc.

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Argument: Writing and developing an analytic essay requires that you present some argument. This argument is called thesis or prompt. You draw a claim and state in a statement. You claim that a piece of information is true about a topic. It should not be an obvious statement for the readers; it should instill curiosity among the readers. The claim should be supported by proper evidence for the readers to agree with it. Example I could put up “Since the first book of Secret people believe more on their mind rather than on God”. This line discusses two aspects of the novel and raises a controversy, which will be discussed in the further paragraphs of the essay.


Thesis statement: Give your thesis statement due isolation in your essay. Discuss the points in your favor and opposition. Focus on the points that make your essay arguable with reasons. Your prime objective should be to convince the readers to follow your aspect of reasoning. It should hit the mind of readers to accept and believe your argument.


How to find something to argue: Since you know what is the topic of your argument focus on the valid reasons to support it. Example the novel says you attract what you give so if we emit fear we attract fear, then what does this imply on our belief on God that states that he the supreme power takes away all our fears.


How to develop analytical essay:


The format of the essay is the most aspect of essay it has the power to convince the reader in the favor of your argument. An essay should comprise of three main parts that is introduction, body and conclusion. Again these three parts should further be broken in smaller five paragraphs, by dividing it further it attracts the attention of the readers and makes the essay very convincing and interesting.

1] Develop a strong topic sentence: Each paragraph should have a strong starting point that should tell the readers about the content of the paragraph.


2] Make your claim: The claim that you put up should support the topic sentence of your paragraph.


3] Provide evidence to support your essay: The readers will not follow or accept your claim unless you provide them with substantial proof. The proof should be reasonable and convincing to gather the support of the readers in your favor.


4] Attach your evidence to the appropriate paragraph: Each paragraph has a valid claim and should be supported with the correct proof. If the topic, proof and claim are not aligned in a proper and systematic format it will not help the essay in its purpose.



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