Know the difference between creative writing, technical writing, essay writing and SEO cop

Posted by ruchi gupta
June 16, 2017

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A good writing can be accessed on the basis of two things; the in-depth knowledge and skill of the writer, and the quality and the authenticity of the content. The writers have to follow a particular format when adopting a particular writing style but in the case of content writing, there are no particular guidelines to it. When a person is asked to write something, it is necessary to remember that there are many styles of writing and they should know which type of writing they are being asked to write in order to build a better and acceptable writing. And if you do not understand the concept of different types of writing styles or if you do not have the time to write homework, then you can always use and clarify your doubts with the help of online writers.

The different types of writing are:

  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Essay writing
  • SEO copywriting

All the above types of writing vary from each other in the following manner:

  1. Creative writing:

Writing is a mode of conveying information about the subject matter but when you are using the creative writing style your main focus should be on the expression of feelings, emotions, ideas as well as thoughts that a person can feel and have about the subject matter. Some of the examples of such creative writing are songs, poems, epics, screenplay, television scripts, novels or even short stories etc. Creative writing has to be an artistic presentation of the subject and it has to be symbolic and figurative as well to justify this style of writing. For a writer to write in the creative writing style he or she should have a fluent command over the language used in the writing as well as basic knowledge about the subject.

  1. Technical writing:

Technical writing is usually done by the experts of the particular field of the subject matter. This is done to simplify the complex technicalities involved, making it easier to understand by the people who read it. The general examples of technical writing are installation guide books, product user manual, online tutorials for installations, presentation documents etc. This type of writing style is suitable for people who technically sound and whose writing makes the technicalities easier to understand. The main focus of technical writing is to provide assistance to people to understand the upcoming as well as the existing technology better. The language used in this form of writing should not create further confusion for its readers but instead should be straight and to the point.

  1. Essay writing:

Essay writing is more of an academic form of writing which is usually written by students many times throughout their academic career. They help inculcate some of the necessary skills in students like reading, clarity, conciseness, and comparison. It is usually a daunting form of writing for the students which need them to pre-plan their subject matter and be immensely creative. A good essay can be divided into different parts, like the introductory part where the student should be clear about the subject under discussion. Then comes the main body where all the relevant points should be stated with clarity and authenticity and then is the closing part where a summarization of the complete essay is conducted.

  1. SEO Copywriting:

Copywriting which is also known as business writing can be any and all the words used in the marketing of the products of a company, like in product brochures, websites, and advertisements. SEO Copywriting is an amalgamation of copywriting and the keywords which best describe the products of the company, which are used in the right way and at the right place on the company’s website to increase the Search Engine Optimization of the site.

Unauthentic and unclear content can make any form of writing bad and hence a good writer should avoid such practices.


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