Let That Flame Burn And Brighten You On Each Passing Day

Posted by Minaxi Rajput
June 5, 2017

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Why our wings are chopped off in the name of marriage? Why we doesn’t get equal opportunity? Why always society make us feel we are week? Why we can’t marry when we want it?

There are many why’s which nobody wants to answer. If someone trying to find answers for this why’s parents shut their mouth saying – you are girl. I want to ask everyone “is this crime to be a girl?” or “is it wrong to have a dream, to build career?

No. It is not a crime to be a girl and of course there is nothing wrong to have a dream, to build career. This is for all those ladies who wants to be someone, wants to pursue there career, wants to go for higher studies and wants to be Independent.

Sky is yours. There is no limit to fly off and fullfil your dreams. Stop thinking that you cannot do and start thinking that you can and only you can do it. Nobody can play your role.

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