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Let’s justify killing of human

Posted by Tahir Azmi
June 10, 2017

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How we Indian justifying killing of human, he had beef in his fridge and they didn’t own land. And our lapdog media is also part of this, now the country coordinate is worst ever in the history of India. You can’t question, can’t think , can’t eat of your choice.
I remember it when #AwardWapsi protest was going on in the country the same government oppose it more than Jatt Andolan so didn’t we get that this government don’t want peaceful protest.
A helpless #PM begged that kill me instead of Dalits now helpless CM begging for peace and is on fast, their helplessness can be measured by their vilest act
In this new India we don’t have to follow our own will but the will of governments and their supporter, we also noticed that there are many contradiction in government and ground level supporter are just simply call it  in their MPs and ministers one want beef ban, then minister clarify it there is no compulsion in choice of food, government stand is still not clear, there choice of stand varry geographically.
The same party always used to criticised government before they were in power but for same reason today they still criticise the party which was in power.
In today India when country suffering from castesim lynching, religious lynchind, media should have to play major role but our media houses loosing their credibility and we must think first how to correct our media before government, when media start criticising government more than half of the problem will solve automatically

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