Life as a human being

Posted by Chaarvi Murari
June 16, 2017

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After so many incarnations, 840000 to be precise, you have got the privilege of being​ born as a human. Privilege, because the moment you are born, you are told that you are the master of the universe. This thought is instilled in you everyday.
I would say knowingly or unknowingly you develop a feeling of utmost superiority over other beings. You get so much involved with yourself that you forget about your fellow humans and other innumerable creatures.
You forget that you have come into existence after so many trails and errors in the laboratory of nature. You forget that evolution is a dynamic phenomenon and you are ‘one of it’s experiments‘ not ‘ the best of it’s experiments.’
There will be many more and you will be lacking a lot of skills as the new species will arise. You will ultimately lag behind. Then, ‘you’ the master of the universe ( or that’s what you like to think about yourself) will be shown the mirror. Your arrogance will come crashing down and you will fall on the Earth with your face down.
The Earth where you came into existence; the master you thought of mastering, will show you your place, which unfortunately is nowhere.
You are a complex being, so complex that you have got lost finding yourself. Just imagine how great is that nature which created you. The kind of power it holds and there you are, a tiny entity with a humungous ego and unwavering pride.
Remember, you have a purpose on this planet and also beyond it. You are a seeker, a seeker of your being. A seeker of truth, a seeker of the better and the worst. Please human realise your faults and seek the best solution for it that you can.
And yes, best doesn’t mean the one which satisfies your gratification.
Best means everything which can help all of us. You must evolve to become better everyday.
Best means everything which can fulfill your soul and quench the thirst of each and every cell inside and outside of you.
Best means everything that can justify your pride of being the best experiment and a marvel of nature.
Best means everything that you can give to you source; everything that you owe to the Earth and the universe.
It is your one in a ten million chance! Make it worth it…
Leave a mark of your existence in a way that the nature feels proud of it’s creation and not ashamed of it.
 Make your world, a world for all and be a humble part of it.

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