life goes On

Posted by Samreen Zafar
June 16, 2017

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Walking in your dreamland
Life seems like a fairytale
Where you have someone to love day and night
When devil disguises as angel
And Evil wears a mask of virtue

That is when the thunder strikes
And Lightning takes away your spirit
When the flood drowns you
And hurricane wraps you
Just then
Don’t stop, go on


When the love of your life leaves you
Falling for someone better looking than you
And people say you were not meant to be together
The ones who use to admire you once
Just then
Don’t stop, go on


When your world starts to fall apart
And you loose interest in your passion
Do not want to socialise
You sit in a dark room crying all day
Just then
Don’t stop, go on


When you hide your pain
And can’t express to your parents
The huge group of friends vanishes
Your wet pillow becomes your sole supporter
Just then
Don’t stop, go on


Just like summer comes after winter
Daylight follows darkness
Similarly, happiness will soon come your way and wash away the pain
Don’t stop, just go on






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