Life is full of choices! Choose them wisely

Posted by Vinay Jaiprakash
June 27, 2017

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Are you happy with what you’re doing now? Are you satisfied with wherever you are today? I know some of you are happy with your life right now and some of you are pretending it to be, but not entirely true, for you must be thinking if you still have a chance to go back and change your decision, and set everything right!


We should never forget a fact that whatever we are today is the result of our own choice. Be it, eating junk food and falling sick or enrolling for a course that you like or dislike! Whatever it is, life is full of choices and we are always at the verge of either screwing up our life or building a better one, with that one choice. It is that simple we may say, but the twist lies here, we dont know which way leads to what, because the paths are unclear.


We usually make a particular choice either because we love it, it makes our life better, its the correct one for us or something like that which favours us. Or, we make it because we are forced to! Either the situation is demanding us to do, or we are being pressurized for someone else’s well being. Literally, sometimes we don’t have a ‘choice’ while making one!


But I will tell you, always reconsider your choice, think twice or thrice before choosing a path, remember some choices that seem small may have major impact on your life later. We must answer some of these questions while making a choice


> Will this choice make me happy?


> Is this totally worth choosing.


> Does it have any negative impact on my life.


> Will this choice ever make me regret for it.


That’s it! I’m sure you won’t make a wrong choice, if you ask youself these questions. Because, there is no better judge than your own self and your gut feelings.


And for those are compelled to make a bad choice, don’t worry, take it!  life will have better plans for you, it will still give you choices  but remember to choose them wisely. Don’t worry we all make mistakes sometimes, regretting your decisons won’t help you in anyway, just focus on what has to be done next to make it better. Be courageous and strong enough to make any decision, if you feel it right, then make it! you don’t owe an explanation to anyone for your choices. For all those decisons are made by you, they either make your life better or will give you an experience for life. In the end, we make our choices, then our choices make us!  Remember, its all your choices that decides your future, so make a choice that will make YOU happy.

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