“Life out of Cage!”

Posted by Gargi Adhikari
June 7, 2017

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                      “Clipping wings dare not to fly”


“silent eyes speaks d unheard!”

                                                                Eveeryday peeping out of the window is my only liberty & that also in the afternoon when my husband is at work & my in laws enjoys their afternoon nap. I’m mostly completed with all my household work by early afternoon n after that I enjoy the leisure time I’m permitted to. Being a housewife I’m suppose to fulfill my responsibilities towards my family thus connecting emotionally with everyone at same level & expecting nothing in return. Oh I’m so sorry I hvnt introduced myself yet as it slipped out of my mind…..well I’m……umm…… I think I shouldn’t introduce myself with my name instead I would give you my new introduction. I’m somebody’s wife, somebody’s sister-in-law, somebody’s daughter-in – law & a mother,. A life full of duties & responsibilities,. Yes….. I do hv a name but who knows me by my name or even calls me by so…….. I’m known all by my husband’s identity!😊 I’m expected to take good care of everyone around d corner but no one can even read my dry lips or wet eyes….    I’m in a “ghunghat” from dawn till night allowed nothing to be wore apart from “sarees” not to have “lunch or dinner” before rest of my family has esp. my “husband”,. I’m not even allowed to “speak up my mind” as well as to “utter” a single word in-front the “male” members of the family,.
I’m not ‘authorized’ to pass any “comment or judgement” regarding anything!!😊 In my “teenage” I read a poem “A hot noon in Malabar”  which depicted the clear picture of a “village woman married to a city man & how’s her life in city & how desperately she missed her village life” ppl often think these things happen in countryside even I thought so but do know well now that act d story is almost d same “globally just with a new “title” added to it every time…..
Today I’m bound to say “kamala- the protagonist” of the poem lead a much better life than women like us are living…… atleast she was neither  “caged” or “arrested” in a ritual called “marriage”…… she was rather married but we are “caged” in  marriage as a prisoner is being prisoned……
May be upto a certain extent she was “caged” but here “my soul is caged……” I do love & respect my family, wanna do everything for them from d core of heart not coz it’s my duty………. I still do smile 😊……… to everyone out there who must be going thru this piece of writing I wanna ask?

Don’t I have the right to live a life of “freedom”, free from the “so called” “pratha”

                                                   Don’t I even ‘deserve‘ to live by my “name”😊

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