Love marriage Vs arrange marriage

Posted by Harkesh Choudhery
June 6, 2017

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  1. It has become a major decesion making step in order to be apart of your chossy one or not. Most of the youngsters have a life of freedom.Are they really free about their life? you would also think No. Meanwhile, no other has a right to choose their loving partner because elders are intellectuals. Elders are correct in a sense but if we talk about the love marriage it is like do or not. To further clarify it’s usually unsuccesseded or can be successful.
  2. Indian culture believes in a love marriage or arrange it is a particular thing which depends on the citizens own views. In order to further, advantages and disadvantages of love and arrange marriage are likely to be opposed in front of them.
  3. Advantages of love marriage; one person has a right to select his or her life partner by themselves,elders don’t decide. It’s a sign of maturity to select his or her life partner, mutual respect is  apart of their life as well. A marriage seems to be an independent choice which is not imposed. An easy matrimony is being adjusted by them ( life partners ) where one is not married with the stranger as well as knows the weak and positive points of each other.
  4. Disadvantages of love marriage; it emphasizes breeds contempt of familiarity while not getting the support of family and relatives.It can also be difficult survival in terms of the financiall status when elders are not supportive to let them out and so on.
  5. Advantages of arrange marriage; The elders have to select the partners by which marriage is more stable, Family support is always remains to the are mature where they getting matrimony after feeling that they are right.The mutual respect is also stayed. No need of the questions about family breeding contempt etc.
  6. Disadvantages of arrange marriage; one person is married whithout knowing him or herself.
  7. Fianacially demands could be reasonable things to strain the relationship.
  8. A bride can be find some difficulties to adjust a life style of the in- laws and so on.
  9. Whatever can be said both love and arrange marriages are appealing but the best way is that a semi arranged which is not only an activity to know the partner but also approval of the family. Just think about it.






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