Media : 4th pillar of Democracy

Posted by Kamran Husain
June 19, 2017

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Media, a term we all are familiar with, often referred to as the 4th pillar of democracy. Well, journalism is one of those profession which is showered with ample amount of love and also faces excessive hatred. It is one of the most reputed profession across the globe. But nowadays, the hunger for TRP has led media to compromise with their professional integrity. As far as the media houses owned by some politicians or MPs are  concerned, they can never be expected to be unbiased but what about others?

First of all, Journalism is totally different from what we see these days. Shouting on TV, drawing conclusions so conveniently , biased opinions, defending someone or something might be anything but definitely not journalism. Journalism is about informing the public about what has happened and how it is going to affect them. It was, is and never will be about proving yourself right and the others wrong. As far as shouting is concerned, we have spokesperson of various political parties invited by you as  panelists to get this business done and they are indeed doing it perfectly but still you are having the edge.

If you have to shout to be heard, then sorry to say but you can be anything but not journalist. Being loud, you might be able to overpower others but you will never be able to become a journalist. Maybe that’s the reason why the best of the journalists belong to Print media rather than Electronics media.

When you belong to such a profession which is entrusted with the responsibility to deliver the facts to the public, you are required to be highly responsible. We have courts for drawing conclusion and that’s none of your business. By now you must realize the fact that you are just a “MEDIUM”.

Another technique being used by these media houses to prove themselves right and the others wrong is by using the two extremely sensitive terms ‘nation’ and ‘patriotism’. Using such sensitive terms in order to prove themselves correct is highly objectionable. The day, these media houses stop using the terms ‘nation’ and ‘patriotism’ to prove themselves right will be the day when we will witness true  journalism.

As of now, In this battle of ‘integrity’ and ‘TRP’, TRP is leading with huge margin. By now, we must be able to differentiate between true journalists and TRP journalists. But the question is “how long this technique is going to work?”

How low these TRP journalists will stoop for the sake of TRP, only time will tell. But by now we must be able to differentiate true journalists from this crowd of so called journalists. As of now, the loud voice is going in their favour but that day is not far away when the same thing  is going to backfire.

Journalism was, is and always will be about polite words, soft tone, unaltered and proven facts and a good journalist will always be the one who is highly reserved in drawing conclusions.

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