Posted by Director Mike
June 6, 2017

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In this era of seed and greed, where the money has become the shadow of human life. People are adopting the ways good or bad for adequate survival but there is a story of upcoming filmmakers of this nation who have changed the definition of art and talent. These are none other than budding filmmakers from different states of nation, Mr. Irshad Hijazi a boy from the conflict zone Kashmir, Debanjali Barman Roy from the ocean of art Kolkata, Asif Z. Ahmed from the land of Chicken’s Neck Assam, Aadil Gurezi from the earth’s heaven Kashmir. They determined to help the people who are financially unsound and backward. India is renowned for its art and culture but due to evaluation of unconditional politics in every field the scope of talent has lost its value. These filmmakers decided to revitalize the tangible talents who aren’t getting opportunity due the monetary crisis. The more have been written about these filmmakers on thousands of social media pages. With the commencement of 2015 company named “DIA MOTION PICTURES” have been established by these filmmakers on the soil of love Dehradun with an aspire of providing platform to the talents whose talent is evaporating due to financial tribulations. People from different states of the nation are coming to meet these people with a gleam of expectation.

While talking to media one of the members of DIA said “we don’t have enough facilities to fulfill all the wishes of people but whatever is possible effort we are making that”

Till now more than seven Hindi songs and a feature have been released under the banner of Dia motion pictures. The team is next to its consideration stage. The company has more than 200 volunteers who are working hard and are in expedition of talented people.

On the annual function of the company Debanjali Barman Roy (CEO DIA) said “Company has its target to find the new talents but we want that people should also help us to reach the precise people.”

The story doesn’t ends here. These people are looking forward making people aware about the different social problems which still exist in our society.

Asif.Z. Ahmed (COO DIA) said” the need of the hour is rational content and we are looking forward about that only “

People from different languages and tastes are working with DIA. While researching what a sparkling thing can be found, all the projects have different faces from different regions.

While talking to Aadil Gurezi ( Joint director DIA ) he said” DIA has sound competence which a highly mended production company is having.”

Team DIA is working on a very insightful issue ACID, a story based on real incident.

Ritik Raj said “DIA is looking forward to establish our help centers throughout the country”

There are thousands of chapters of DIA motion pictures which can’t be explained in an effortless way. Within a year DIA has made its identity in a number of states.

Rupan sarkar (actor) said” when it was first time i didn’t belived that such thing is possible but the time has come when one of my album has been released

DIA motion has emerged a very good name nowadays. people from all walks of the nation who know about this team is joining hands with them for the promotion of new and fresh art.

In an interview Irshad Hijazi (MD DIA) said” our main focus is on talent. we want that anybody who is having any kind of  talent should be specified with a stage and then the public will judge his/her talent.”


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