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Migration and Immigration

Posted by rudre malik
June 6, 2017

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According to Cambridge Dictionary ‘The act of someone coming to live in a different country’ is referred to as Immigration. What causes one to immigrate is a more nuanced understanding of the same; the same I will delve into in this brief article. When we look at a personal choice of a human being aspiring to immigrate, there are certain factors that enable the psychological to withdraw oneself from the native land. They are, firstly: Environmental and Geopolitical factors such as droughts, famines, earthquakes, Tsunamis, and secondly: economic aspirations of a community/family/individual such as better jobs, appropriate means of subsistence in the ‘other’ country. Both in the 21st century are dependent on each other on factors constituting the environmental and material. A fisherman in Bangladesh would leave his homeland in case of coastal flooding, into the heartland of India for Job security, means of subsistence and national security. The nexus between the same, causes one to immigrate and subsequently, acquire a citizenship (depending upon the legality of acquisition of the same in the ‘other’ country’)
Coming back to Migration and Immigration, various nationalistic sentiments and context specific geopolitical climates hinder or strengthen the cause for migration. Let me explain. The European Migration Crisis of 2015 happened not solely because of ISIS, but also because of the food grain shortage for the inhabitants, who sought relief in another country for the purpose of a secure and robust livelihood. How we choose to look at migration from our lens is a subjective matter. However, that too shapes the areas which are picked by specifically: Climate Change Refugees.
To Conclude, Immigration is a dependent variable when set against an independent variable such as Climate Change. Job Security, Economic Equity, Climate Change and Grain Output being a few reasons for the same. Due to lack of temporal and spatial conditions this article briefly points to how Immigration can either be an asset or a liability for the recipient nation state. Including the refugee work force in the mainstream labor force being one policy recommendation.

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