Molestation of women beyond the society

Posted by Faizan luxmi
June 4, 2017

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What can we judge on our society which is doing molestation of women. Society is considering women is burdon A huge burdon

There is huge discrimination related to women in society

A father who is having more than one daughters is going to take lots of burdon

How to marry of all my daughters and this become a big deal

In my society there is a person living in below poverty line.. who has 2 daughters

He had to marry his daughters

This is true he has no wealth to arrange a good marriage or to catch a good briabe or viable relation

Now u cant believe how stupid work has he done?

They searched two bride for their own daughters

Brides are physically handicapped

How can a father in whole the world do such a weird work

His own daughters now assuming they are being pulled into hell by her own father

His daughters protested, cried but no action created

Just like they are the burdon of his life they have to rid of…



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