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June 3, 2017

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In the midst of the tick tock, I lie, paraphrasing life, in the smoke of competition polluting the very essence of life. And I am no different. I ride the same road with the same so called ceremonial ideologies to grow, target and achieve turning into a cosmopolitan and trying to fit in the perpetual dilemma everyone is going through. Mumbai, the city of dreams, as is anticipated, though I doubt but no preconceptions as of yet.

I wake up sweating, in the heat of my dreams, passion and ambition, and then take a victory shower against my insecurities, fear, and agony. I wear a luscious smile of confidence and valorously walk the road of commitment. My hunger to unveil the city grows exponentially and every day it gets crushed under the footsteps of the mundane crowd climbing the local. And hence my attention takes a U Turn and I realize I am performing the same monkey dance and am no different. But my own accusations don’t perturb me and I successfully cross the bridge of positivity bypassing the U Turn of Dharavi created in my brains which is burning to sprout and live a nourishing life.

The chirpy me when bid a bye to the office is enthralled to taste the different cuisines of the city. The chatpata JUHU astonishes the newcomer. The cold breeze near the sea garnished with the humidity welcomes me and again puts me in the dilemma. The sweat I am encountered with is the result of the exhaustion the beach suffers due to the crowd, the dirt and the ignorance of the people. But it tries to comfort me with the stories it tries to recite, of the kids playing badminton, cricket; of the couples romancing; of the pigeons it feeds and hence encapsulates its pain into the ravishing smiles it gifts to its visitors.

I taste the sweetness of belief and hope when I enter the chivalrous Siddhivinayak temple. The trust that is broadcast immensely empowers me and rejuvenates the dead tissues of my self-reliance. And hence when I move out to face the cacophony of the traffic I am geared up by the patience imbibed in me by the spirituality which shrouds the surroundings.

And finally I enter my building, engrossed with stories to mesmerize, the observations to think upon, the choices I made, the laughter I had, the negativity I crossed, the restlessness I lived and the discord I felt. And conclude that yes I am no different and I don’t need to be. What I need to do is just to be brave, accept the changes and save the changes I lived for each day. It may not make my struggle end but will strengthen me to smile at the adversities and spread the magnificence……….

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