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Natural treatment home remedies and cure for Hernia

Posted by ruchi gupta
June 5, 2017

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A hernia can be of many types like inguinal, umbilical or even femoral hernia etc. The most common form of a hernia happens in the abdomen which is known as a hiatal hernia or an inguinal hernia. This is caused by a weakness or defect in the abdominal wall which provides a place for the organ or its fascia to protrude out. The symptoms of this form of a hernia include nausea and vomiting along with acidity and gas. It can even cause dysfunction in some other organs also. People suffering from this form of a hernia should avoid lifting heavy weights or applying of direct heat on the affected area.

There are many hernia treatment options among which include surgery and medications. The treatment option is based on the severity of a hernia as well as the patient and his or her age. The not so severe cases of a hernia can be solved without surgery, i.e. with the help of natural means.

Following are some of the natural means of treating hernia naturally. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Ginger:

As we know that the hiatal hernia condition is caused by the stomach protruding into the esophagus through the diaphragm. This causes indigestion, acidity, and heartburn. All these problems can be effectively treated by increasing the intake of ginger in your daily food. Ginger has been known to aid digestion which helps in stabilizing the stomach and hence reducing the protrusion of the stomach into the diaphragm. It will also simultaneously reduce all the symptoms of hernia like gas, acid and bloating and provide relief.

  1. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is also a very good digestive aid which can help digest the particles which are left behind after the entire digestion process which is known to cause the acid and gastric problems in individuals. The soothing and cooling effect of this particular plant can help to decrease the symptoms of a hiatal hernia like the pain and the burning sensation. A glass of aloe vera juice after dinner can be miraculous in treating all the gastrointestinal disease.

  1. Exercises:

What is better? Going under the scalpel to get rid of a hernia and waiting for its reappearance or getting rid of it permanently with some exercise? I bet you will opt for exercises. There definitely are exercises which can help you reduce hernia without going for surgeries, although it also depends on the extent of your hernia. You can also opt for yoga which has great and proven results in curing hernia of the worst kind. These exercises and yoga help to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen which is necessary to push back the stomach to its original location.

  1. Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are commonly found in every household and are a proven commodity to be effective in fighting off the problems related to the hiatal hernia. These can have a soothing effect on the stomach by relieving gas from the digestive tract of a person’s body.

  1. Banana:

Banana has a proven capacity to absorb the irritating acids in the stomach and if the banana is ripened it is all the more beneficial. This helps prevent heartburn and acidity. The best part is that banana is easily digested and rich in nutrients.

Although all the above remedies are absolutely natural buy one should cautiously talk it over with their doctor to avoid any further problems.

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