Naya Post On Not To Disturb:

Posted by Shreyas Lokras
June 27, 2017

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Naya Post On Why To Disturb:
People are So Busy That They Don’t Have The Time To Reply or Message Us. They are Not wrong Not we also.We Think That They will Message us But We are wrong . Why They will Message us or Disturb us. They are Happy without us. So The question Lies in Why They will Disturb or Message without any Reason or any need . If they get why They will Message or Disturb us. So Why in English or Kyu in Hindi means the same Thing. To message or Reply Why is needed . Without why no one will message or Disturb you. So why plays an important role in people’s​ Life or in message or Replying.In any relationship also why is needed or important to continue  or  To Go Further.
Without Why nothing can be Done.

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