Nights & Conversations.

Posted by Tanmay Mehta
June 2, 2017

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Nights, probably the most amazing thing in 24 hours, the time when you can actually think clearly and have real conversations.

Real peace can be found and your thoughts just turn so soft and cuddly that you never want to leave the wonderland.
The 3 AM conversations.
These conversations are the best and of course, truthful.
Casually sitting writing about your imperfect life in perfect words and suddenly your phone tings, you know it will take a turn, your imperfect life will start mending its way straight and more meaning will be added to it with someone you will be able to share it with.
Long chats turn into calls, long calls and that is where you know you’ve found the perfect friend with whom you can just share anything.
No fear of judgements, being carefree, that is the level of friendship you achieve.
A conversation, a talk so deep in its most real way.
Nights are something that are so magical and powerful that a friend made during this time of the hour is equivalent to your childhood friends.
You don’t see a betrayal in that 3 AM friend because both of you are so true to each other.
Spilling secrets to having the most hilarious conversations you get attached to each other in an informal way.
Emotions slip from the keyboard and you know that it’s not necessary to control them because the flow of words just feels right.
From how you once ate an expired pack of Cheetos to where you buried the dead body, everything just feels like it’s reflecting back at you and you know it’s safe to say things.
The level of confrontation that flashes on the screens is pure. Starting from a simple “hello”
to “what the hell” someday everyone finds that one particular person, a person who would always be there to encourage your insomniac soul over stupid things or when needed be the best teacher giving a valuable piece of advice.
You gradually know that the person is capable of knowing your soul inside out.
Talking about how witty Chandler is or maybe how caring Joey is to the talks of bond between Harvey and Mike you get just stronger day by day.
From arguing over FRIENDS satire to the reasons why Hannah committed suicide, you just put more sugar into the perfect relation in a bitter-sweet way.
Time flies, like you’re in a movie so much engrossed in the talk that when the sun hits your eyes you still don’t want to shut them down.
Imagine sitting with that chum just besides you with slight breeze on a rosy glowing face with both of you sharing an eternal bond talking about the most vacuous thing or maybe trying to count the stars, stupidity just feels like heaven. Things start making sense and you make better life decisions.
Such are nights, a gate-way to your own world with no disturbances, with the people you actually want in your life sharing all the problems and crying out loud because you know it’ll give you a relief, those people will understand and they will let you cry.
You enter the most different type of comfort zone.
Favourite colours, chocolates, food, songs & other such materialistic things feel like basics because this friend knows the real you, your life, your insecurities and just everything. Things lose value over night conversations.
Nights can be so reliable for people who are introverts, they can actually find the perfect chat or a talk; someone who can understand him/her, to someone they can open themselves to.
When the whole world is sleeping you can suddenly find your own path with no one to hang over your mind, pulling your hair.
Just the moonlight and stars which you cannot stop gazing at thinking about what really matters.
The words match perfectly in each sentence, amazingly portraying your sentiments and your humour.
Such talks feel like a night ride into heaven where you just don’t want to stop or brake.
Forgetting about all the problems to getting stupid solutions, a friendship is born which you know won’t give up, ever.

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