Old beliefs still prevail! #Youthkiawaaz

Posted by Anushree Khandelwal
June 14, 2017

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It came to my mind that there’s still some discrimination left between a girl and boy in peoples’ mind in our country. There are still people whose mentality is based out of some 100 years old philosophy. No actually, 50 years old! In this 21st century, I was surprised to hear that a woman who has recently delivered her second child, a second daughter as she is already a mother of one innocent girl (6 yrs). Due to this reality, she has observed a change in the nature of her mother in law (a negative change) because she has got another baby who is also a girl. Her mother in law was not in a state of digesting this fact, so she behaved inappropriately with her (like not giving her proper food, care) although the woman strongly needed this support due to her weakness.As a result, she has to move to her parents’ house for proper care so that her own mother can care for her.

Now, this is a story that I couldn’t digest by hearing and made me write and put up my points. I don’t believe that this mindset of people still exist in a country where many girls are finding ways to be successful in life, who are in fact more desirous of their ambitions than men. I guess leading ladies like Chanda Kochar or Priyanka Chopra are the best examples of earning a successful life. They couldn’t have been at Zenith if this old philosophy would prevail in our country till now. Thanks to them and thanks to people who are self-motivators or narcissist because looking at the current situation it is better to be like this!

I really wonder that till when this mindset of people will go on? Till when a girl is liable to face discrimination? Is she supposed to listen only?

Well, an awful thing here is that a mother could not understand the pain and emotions of another mother. Not just this case, there are many people who are facing things like this. I think male dominance, as our country is, shots one of the reasons for this situation because the mentality of her mother behind that situation was “Had it been a boy, he could be more involved in their family, rather than a girl”. I would like to tell that it is the girls who are succeeding boys in education. Recently Girls have outperformed boys by 9.5% in CBSE class 12th. They have been a successful entrepreneur, managers, etc. Gone are the days where only and only men excelled.

I think this will only lead to an ignominious situation in a country where innocent children and students are expecting to grow in their careers without being facing any intolerable situation like discrimination!

Every individual has their own rights, thoughts, emotions which should be respected. This is a very serious issue and voice should be raised on it.


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