original thinking! Don’t just let it gather steam at the back of your mind.

Posted by Gagandeep kaur
June 13, 2017

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In this super advanced age of technology gathering information is skewed to the flashy screens of mobiles, laptops and tabloids. One can skim thru all sort of reliable-unreliable sources and be persuaded by some men’s umbrella to reclaim certain ideology. As we are racing every day to become opinionated geniuses, this painless access to knowledge has chocked our enquiring impulses. In this medley of researching things online, have we lost the charm of original thinking?

In the modern era of cut, copy, and paste, mix-fit thinking has definitely taken a back seat.  Be it the great advertisements, a marketing idea, spreading general awareness, or establishing political correctness, most readers, writers, designers, painters and video makers take inspiration from existing ideas and draw extensions, reestablishing the standard opinions. The remix culture is sure then becoming undeniably popular and the content today is more space filling than thought provoking.

How to get back to original thinking?

People nowadays see original ideas as a threat to their existence and seek to stamp them out. Original thinking is not about thinking that which up till today is non-existent. As to say things which haven’t been said or expressed before is largely an illusion. It is dwelling into one’s thoughts and evolving the living roots of wisdom to correct the imbalance in the modern worldview.

To think originally, one must learn to be unstoppably inquisitive and connected to their consciousness. Like in previous times, people used to explore on a subject by going out, indulging in interactions, and most importantly by asking questions.

It’s high time we accelerate our reasoning by adopting the relevance of “why”. Only then can there be a radical revisioning in our self-imposed narrow vision, and largely in humanity – where another person’s values or opinions won’t be so threatening. Harsh as it may sound, stomping on certain ideologies and definitions won’t change the world. We can only change the world by changing our world, and that’s where the change happens.

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