pathetically moving towards de’talent’ising bihar…

Posted by Amit Pandey
June 3, 2017

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A group of around 200 students marching towards Bihar state examination board office,
Main gates locked,
Constables alert,
Employees scared,
Shutters down,
Chaos all around,
Wireless received a message,
And show begun…….
Students scattered,
Forehead all blooded,
Clothes torn,
Some on ambulance,
Some still struggling,
Casualities on their height and to both side,
But, still solution is way far from itself.
This is the scenario of Bihar after every state board examination result, what it is expected before examination is always proved futile after the result.
Year after year Bihar is witnessing the outrage of students on this issue.The government instead of following some strict policies just announces an investigation which in turn results to huge failure in the successive years too.
No one exactly knows that for how long and to what extent the deterioration in the education system will persist in bihar and on which day the government will realise that each vote and the respective voter has its value and strength which they cant override in any situation.
In 2017 the 64% failed candidates showed Bihar a clear and unbiassed mirror which reflects that “de’talent’isatin” of bihar is on top and has also indicated a clue that there needs a revolution against this issue on the mental as well as on ground level..

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