Personal Statement Writing: 7 Secrets for College Students 

Posted by Richard Nolan
June 30, 2017

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When the times comes to prepare all documents to apply to the college or university of your dreams, you may feel a little bit lost. There are so many aspects that you have to keep in mind and so many rules that you have to follow that you need a kind of a checklist where everything is explained step-by-step.

One of the aspects that scares students the most is personal statement writing. The matter is that everyone knows that this is a very personal piece of writing and a very important one at the same time. You need to create your statement in such a way so as to explain to the admissions board all your strengths and show that you deserve to study at their university. However, none of the colleges or universities will tell you exactly what you should write in your statement to succeed with the application.

In this article, we are going to reveal 7 secrets that will show you what to write in your essay to impress the admissions board, to demonstrate your personality, and to prove that you are worthy of accepting to this college. So, let’s start to discover what can make you a perfect applicant.


1. Specify why you want to study here

The admissions board members definitely have strong feelings about the place where they work. Thus, they want their future students to have the same feelings. When creating your statement, make sure that you point out why you have decided to study here, what you like about this college or university the most, and what has inspired you to apply to this college or university.

Your reasons should be clearly specified. It’s better to write only a couple of them but have strong arguments than to include dozens of reasons that can hardly be taken seriously.


2. Show that the chosen major is important to you

If you have already tried to work in the field of your major, tell the admissions board what you have achieved or what you are planning to achieve. Perhaps, you’ve conducted some research in high-school or participated in some conferences. This information is essential for proving that you are eager to study this exact major. Everyone loves students who are passionate about their field of interest, so you will definitely get some extra points.


3. Describe your out of school achievements

Explaining that you have been involved in some out of school activity is a great way to show that you have a variety of interests. Besides, this will additionally show that you have already started to make steps in the adult life.

If you do not know what to write at this point, make use of your volunteer activity or sports competitions if you participated in any. You can also dwell upon your work experience even if it is not related to your major.


4. Reflect on your future career

It will be nice to explain to the admissions board how you plan to use your knowledge and diploma in your career. They would like to know whether you want to become a scholar in your field or whether you prefer to use the knowledge in practice. Also, talk about how important it is to receive an education in your field and how you will be able to apply this knowledge to change something in the world.


5. Demonstrate your skills and personal characteristics

This is a kind of a resume point, but it’s still vital for any personal statement. Your personal characteristics are what makes you stand out from all other applicants. Find proper words to demonstrate your strengths and add some examples. Do remember that exemplification works better than any words, so always add some facts from your biography to make it work.


6. Be critical and concise

In your personal statement, you should always include relevant information. Every single detail that you mention should influence the whole piece. Thus, when writing it, you need to be very careful. Make sure that there is nothing that raises questions but brings no answers. The admissions board will definitely like that.


7. Be positive

No matter how many talents you have, your achievements, and even your intentions, your personal statement should always be positive. Never beg for something. Do remember that from now on you are an adult and you take all the responsibility for your words. Talk to the admissions board in a positive manner demonstrating that you are confident and you know what you want from life.

Writing a personal statement is only a part of the big job, but it is one of the most important parts. Do remember that you have only one chance to create a proper first impression, so make sure that you do your best. Follow these 7 secrets and you won’t have problems with creating a personal statement!

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