PFA do business on the dead bodies of Strays

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 8, 2017

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My 3 month old doggie is killed after S Krishna Reddy Counselor Peddamberpet entered into my house forcefully with villagers. I was hitted so I can save my dogs to be hitted. 20 strays who were being reported to every animal welfare in 8 months again and again noone was interested in them. I rescued them adopted them one by one. My chrome is I saved these dogs so I am bound to get abused where instead of helping me big names of PFA are forcing me to leave my dogs on roads send them to ghmc no fucking animal welfare ever had a help for these dogs on the other hand weni helped them officers of hayat nagar PS declaring it legal to pee on my gate. Its my 20 day of harassment not stopping up. Abusive males roaming with alcohol bottles all around my house gathering my house turning on their cameras laughing capturing the videos and this all is happening with full support of Counselor S Krishna Reddy coz he is being called of this area. I am left with no more posts no hopes of life only last words shame inundian animal welfare shame in Hyderabad police lucking asses of a leader of abusing females and animals if I m killed though I know their is no justice S Krishna Reddy Madhav Reddy peddamberpet villagers hayat nagar police is responsible. And in bold

SHAME ON PFA for doing a business of dogs yakkk on you

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