PFA Hyderabad is a Life Threat to any Dog or A girl Fighting for them

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 3, 2017

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Hyderabad has no animal welfare existing it has only a team of dirty disgusting politicians supporting animal abuse and female abusers too if that female is fighting for this stray dogs who are filthy in their language. These dogs who beg for life every single second, who cant protect themselves, who are crushed under vehicles for no reasons, whom are gathered by crown and beaten up by horrible weapons till death are dangerous. My fault is that I can not stop myself reacting to protect them and I forgot that I am a female that too a north indian who stay alone, and for being a north indian for being a another territory girl I am just a characterless female here. 8 Months, males try to humiliate, police protect them, then they target dogs if they cant humiliate or jump into my house. A female stray dog lying on road a pregnent female who was being beaten up by locality for being pregnent. Reason is if she deliver the pups society will be spoiled, I begged by PFA BLUECROSS EVERY ORGANIZATION where their voulanteers abused me, no one was willing to help I could not see her dying I picked her up. Similar cases I had to pick 4 big female dogs and their pups from roads after no organization turned up. For them I had to change my house coz I already had my 10 indian pet dogs in house.  I sold off all my things I took a loand to buy cages and got the vaccination done of these dogs. Just because I am not a telgu speaking girl and my dogs are not breed dogs A local corporater V Krishna Reddy 14 abusive males with wood rods 2 telgu horrible ladies who hitted me entered into my house in prsence of SI T Sai Kiran and a Female Police officer. They kept on hitting me on my shoulder, my breast wherever they wanted to , They abused my character and I beared it just to save my dogs, I filed a police complaint wherein no action was being taken and police politically removed the name of V KRISHNA REDDY who is a corporater from this complaint saying he came their to sattle down the case. My landlord village ppl and two senior members of PFA Hyderabad came to me. In Presence of Mr. Joshi and one more person Senior fellows from PFA Hyderabad I was forced to say in Police station ok I will vacate the house and I will take this FIR Back. Side by Side these villagers filed a fordge case of my dogs killing their hens in which my dogs are nowhere but police is sold off and under horrible influence of V Krishna Reddy so this video with no investigation is considered truth. Though my 2 month old indian stray is lying in horrible condition in my house with holes all over the body who is being beaten up brutely by these demons and no justice for him. I was told by these local villagers that peeing on the dead body of an indian stray declares them a man. I met with MR SWAMI from AWBI who appreciated me a lot for what I am doing on the other side why do you stay in that unsafe area? And when I asked ok you all are from hyderabad, I am not going to leave these dogs to die on roads again so they can be beaten up till death so either you arrange a shelter for them or help me finding a place, who bluntly said we are not here to find houses for you.

I have so many questions

Hyderabad welfare has this dog shelter that dog shelter but whole hyderabad has no place for these 11 unfortunate kids out of which one is injured beaten up, one is deaf whole hyderabad welfare is not capable to save these 11 dogs and when I saved them I was abused and Mr. Joshi forced me that I will take the complaint back and I will not ask police to take any action.

They are not here to hunt a house for me, though they have people called voulanteers in number of hundreads but they question me that why did I move to this locality

Welfare think touching my breast hitting me on body gathering me by the whole village abusing my character all is ok just coz I saved these dogs. Though Mr. Joshi must speak about animals rights who said in presence of these demons and provoked them more and gave them a clear msg that no one is interested in these dogs and they are unwanted saying madam how many dogs will you save, they are just dying on roads like that and thats normal, and madam no one want to hear the voice of these animals

I can clearly sense MR JOSHI aap log jo ek sadak pe marte hue kutte ko nahin bacha sakte who only believe in collecting donations for them abusing a female for fighting for animal rights is surely justified. I wish one of these demons must have touched the breast of your daughter Mr Joshi

I am begging for help. Hyderabad is a Hell. I have saved these kids at the cost of my life and I want to take them all out of this hell ASAP before they are being killed or even I am found dead in the same house. I want to travel with all these dogs till north india. I want welfare to turn up and speak with me not for me but to save these dogs. If india has any animal welfare exist who really beilieve in animal welfare not just gathering donations. For us main threat is hyderabad welfare who says Samreen their are handful ppl like you and we dont want to loose you so dont fight, Who clearly conveyed me a msg that I can be killed any time and their is no law to protect me or these dogs. Someone please help us and rescue us from this disgusting city of dirty animal welfare and disgusting policitics on the name of stray dogs.



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