PFA Promised me Help convincing me to compromise and take FIR Back

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 1, 2017

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I am samreen khan from hyderabad. I am fightung all alone to save 11 stray dogs. Counselor of Peddamberpet hayat nagar Hyderabad threatened me to kill these 11 stray dogs in clear Hindi. Whole village males surrounded me. One of them touched my breast hitted on my shoulder and I had to bear it to save my one and half month old puppy. After 4 days torcher of these villagers counselor and local police after getting abused after a 2 month old pup is beaten up an FIR is registered today Mr.Joshi came to my house my landlord is here his friend is here promising me help wherein I am being suggested to not to force police for taking any action. Madhav Reddy is out. Police says he is on Remand but no arrest. V Krishna Reddy counselor of peddamberpet no action against him for forcefully entering into my house or abusing me or threatening to kill all dogs for being strays. They abuse dogs they beat them up till death they abuse people from other territories for fighting to save animals local politicians supports them, animal welfare say yes we agree you are right but fighting would not lead you anywhere? Just because I fight for stray dogs I am supposed to be abused. Then they declare it a language problem though I could clearly visualize 9 males 2police officers 2 ladies surrounding me abusing me threatening me and abusing my character. I am forced to ignore any accidents hitting ony character coz I have dogs. They try to humiliate dogs and ifits a female from other territory fighting for these dogs they hit on the character to keep her mouth shut. Joshi gee has a clear intention to help dogs on the other side may be being from a telgu territory he do want me to compromise on this case. I am being told to not to push police to take any action. We call ourselves educated wherein a females self respect or character is just a joke for us just coz we are more intended to protect our territories not lives. Though after this much fight I was supposed to have full support by animal welfare, they were supposed send to demand a strict level action for abusing a female protecting dogs but I am after being so thankful to Mr Joshi for saving my dogs feeling unfortunate for being a lady.y dogs and every dog is special for me and I love them and I mean it but cost is always my dignity. I am very sure if I would be a NGO or Relative of any NGO authority till now this horrible abuse was all over media and everyone must be demanding a strict action but I have to compromise coz I am a ordinary salaried individual girl who love dogs and who speak out loud for them. I feel suffocated when welfare ppl promise me help and then they say compromise and they don’t consider that They can’t askme to compromise onmy character just coz I feel that I have to save these dogs on priority.

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