Proud Indian and the men

Posted by Somya Sundriyal
June 20, 2017

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Welcome to India! A land of multiculturalism and moral traditions, a land of God’s, sone (gold) ki chiriya and also a land of sex hungers.

Yet again we see a horrifying rape case in Gurugram. The Delhi gang rape was left incomplete to be completed in Gurugram, I guess.  Something of the same kind happened. Was she a young girl? Must be wearing appealing clothes or might be out late night! Want to ask these kind of questions so let me answer you that she was a mother kidnapped from her home. The very safe place for a woman called home became a nightmare reality for her.

Society what do you want to say now? The woman was married and had a daughter yet she was raped. Would you now like to categorize the female with more rape “opportunities”? Instead of her original identity now she will be called a ‘rape victim’. This is what her new identity is. I really wish to gift men a plastic doll to satisfy their needs. Men as in not all but those with the sick mentality.

The moon, the sky, the stars , the road and of course the rooftop of the car are the witness of her terrible voice of cry. Yes the ‘rape voice’s ever heard it? Hey you parasites! Can you hear the cry? No? Because you can only see her vagina and your greedy sexual needs. I really want to see what limits can people cross now. I just hope there are less people like them to rape their own mother daughter and sisters.

You abuse in the name of mother and sister, you give sexiest comments on breast and butts and you then you want your sisters to be safe. Well, at least someone is safe!

You consider yourself to be a man but I don’t. You are merely a coward hiding behind the word “MAN”. I wish rape wasn’t a word. I wish I didn’t exist.


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