Posted by Prerna Avasthi
June 18, 2017

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“As the girl next to me in the DMRC metro line tried to push the old lady intentionally that’s when i realised that Melvin Calvin handbag was of no use.”
‘Raaftar’ a hindi word that signifies speed. We all want everything quickly and easily but do we really value things when we get them at the wrong time and place . Think! . Few months back as i was hitting the markets getting good stuff to flaunt in my college i found a handbag. Beautiful Melvin Calvin handbag took my breath away. But as i grazed at the bag the hidden professional girl in me stopped me and made me realize that my dedicated nature and dreams don’t allow me to afford this bag. I knew it would hamper me in some or the other way rather distract me. As i got inside the Delhi metro today morning, i saw my first love this bag kissing a gorgeous girl’s shoulder. I kept grazing . After some time a very old lady entered the coach . “ Beta! Please get up”. She asked the gorgeous girl to get up. The girl stared at the old woman and started shouting , misbehaving. “You are old so you’ll get the seat. You people take advantage of your age , ain’t we humans”.Seeing the old lady helpless i offered her seat .As and when i asked the old lady to sit the gorgeous girl now felt guilty, she pushed the old lady intentionally and asked her to sit but the old woman preferred sitting on my seat . That very moment i felt that girl which appeared perfect to me was a poor fellow who thought of winning the world flaunting her expensive bags and cloths. I smiled and got down on my destination , happily realising that my Janpat bag was better than her bag as it didn’t killed the humanity in me.
So guys smile with what you have , Don’t always compete because the people who get things the wrong time are often seen to have such inhuman behaviour and honestly such people can’t even value things .
Have a great day 🙂

Written By :- Prerna Avasthi .

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