Racism In India

Posted by Mayur Kumar
June 17, 2017

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Protection against racism is guaranteed in the Indian Constitution. Still there’s no specific law against racism which is why Racism in India can be seen everywhere easily in our daily lives and is openly promoted without any legal action taken against it when discrimination on the basis of color must be a crime. From our home to our school, from our neighborhood to our work place, by our parents, by our friends even by our favorite celebrity or athlete. And the sad part is no one cares to change their minds and they think it’s funny if they are
calling someone “kaalu, kalva etc” (black) It starts right from our home in our childhood when one of us in our family is called by such names, we learn it and then we take it out and call the same things to our friends and other people. And we never stop then, we see color before we could see someone’s heart. Like I have noticed in many families, all we want for our children is a fair good-looking bride or groom. Our first demand is guy/girl should be fair in complexion. This is what we have been teaching to our children since childhood. So, don’t get shocked if tomorrow someone rejects your child saying he or she is black. If their child has dark complexion, they say people shouldn’t see color when they themselves don’t accept dark groom or bride for their children. Not just this but it is promoted nationwide without
any problem. In most of the tv shows, specially comedy shows, people make fun of others because of their dark complexion. For example, in an ex tv show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, a guy with dark complexion from audience wanted to ask some question to Kapil or someone but then the Navjot Singh Sidhu told after looking at him “O teri, Andhera (dark)” This is the standard of our comedy shows now that we can make fun of others on their appearance only, many times in many tv shows I have noticed they make fun of others on how they look. Not only this but even bigger celebrities like Shahrukh Khan also promote racism. Have you seen any fair and lovely cream’s commercial? First, they show a girl/guy with dark complexion and how people are making fun of them because of their color, how they are ashamed of it, how they are not able to find a
date, job and their life is so bad because they are black. Then come our celebrities with such creams to promote racism and tell if you will apply fair and lovely, you will become fair and people will love them, they will have a good house and a good job. This is the message they are giving and no one is taking any legal action against them. Should racism not be a crime? Is color discrimination not a crime? How can someone even make such commercials which tells black color is dirty and not acceptable in the society? How so highly reputed, widely followed celebrities can easily promote it? Where are we heading to? Are we sure we are human? Such creams and commercials should be banned and legal actions should be taken against everyone involved in it including those celebrities. Stop teaching racism to our children. Stop calling them with their color. It starts from home and later it does a big damage to the society as we all know. Please stop racism. I am asking court to make proper law against racism and take legal actions against such companies. If court can’t take any legal action against such commercials because of no proper
law against racism, discrimination on color, then at least court can do a favor by asking such companies to stop giving wrong messages and change the name from “FAIR” and lovely to something more appropriate. Stop showing that if someone is black, their life would be hard because of their complexion because it never happens in real life, color has nothing to do with my job or my fate. So, I am asking everyone to please condemn such products and a deadly thought.

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