June 1, 2017

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   We see various incidents now a days where a section of society try to start a debate on the issue of supremacy of religions. But what are the outcomes of this kind of debates, maybe nothing but yes it create a gap among us. One thing which i can say that a religion never create differences among us, it is we the people who create differences among us. In this game of supremacy, believe me no one will emerge as winner, this game will only break our unity and equality.  When Ali is present in Diwali and Ram in Ramzan, who are we to draw the line in the name of religion. How can we say that who is Muslim and who is Hindu when there is ram in Ramzan and Ali in Diwali. These are the few thing which make us similar irrespective of any religion, whether you are Hindu or Muslim or any other religion. Those people who try to create conflict among us in the name of religion should must read Geeta, QURAN, and BIBLE. If you read all these holy books, i can guarantee that you will start taking others religion as your own religion, after all all these holy books circulate same principles that we call it as “peace”, “Brotherhood”, and “UNITY”. These are the principles which delivers a powerful message and crates a positive vibes. I just want to put a message for people to stop indulging them in such a game of religion, where nobody will emerge as winner. All religions teach us to be humane, to give shelters to the homeless and to give food to hungry, religions never teach us to fight for supremacy. Do we, as Hindus , as Muslims, as Christians follow any of this spirit? Do we care for people sleeping on empty stomach by the roadside. We don,t. But we talk glibly about religion being the stumbling  block to progress. We all are born as humans, at first we are humans and being human our first religion lies in humanity and believe me, we all are the child of one supreme soul, some call it GOD, some as ALLAH,etc. Remember a snake has a poison in the head. A scorpion has poison in the tail. But we human now a days  the sight we see, the sounds we hears, the things we speak, has poison in the eyes, ears, tongue, nose,and skin. Remember that desires poisons everything. So, finally i believe we will unite on the name of RAM in “RAMZAN” and ALI in “DIWALI”.








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