rape as the new trend

Posted by Sadaan ahmad khan
June 1, 2017

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Recalling the various crimes that had happened in India since last five-year are murder, extortion, robbery, domestic violence, rape and many more. None of them successfully change my mindset except the RAPE. Rape is one of the most egregious things that one human being can do to another. India is the country which is known for its ancient civilization, culture, and vast diversity. But it’s also known for crime against women.

In India where female are worshiped in the form of Goddess are facing atrocious crimes. Our street is no longer safe our mothers, daughters, wife, and sisters. Atrocities against women are rising significantly. There is no single record that shows particular age female get raped. There is no age bar on rape cases, from three years old to 90 years old female getting raped. The height of hypocrisy is that those who blame and considered the women short dress for getting rape are already naked in their character. We are living in that society where we judge the character of girls by the length of their skirt and hands of the clock.

Rape is the fourth most crime that happened against women in India. Rape is illegal in India according to Indian Penal Code Section 375 but there is no concept of martial rape in Indian Law. As Minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi quoted that there is no concept of marital rape in India context. Delhi gang rape 2012, Anjana Mishra rape 1999, kamduni gang rape 2013, 20-year-old girl gang rape 2017 Rohtak and many other unsung rapes that occurred in every day. From home to highways women are not saved as it seems like that rape becomes part of our culture. Well, thanks to a media channel, it is all because we come to know some famous rape cases but what about the rape cases that occurred in the rural area or local town? As per the National Crime Bureau’s report that shows that rape rate of 2 per 100000 people. According to the data by National Crime Records Bureau indicate that 93 women are being raped in India every day that means in every 20-minute women facing sexual harassment.As per national crime record bureau data on rape victims shows a shocking pattern. In 2014, more than one-third of the female rape and victims were minor (girls ages less than 18 years). Whereas Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of rape cases state wise where as Delhi is on the top among the union territories.

There are many rape cases still pending in the court whereas many rape cases unreported to safe the victim. While some political leader considered a rape as mistake or girl must not cross the Lakshman Rekha. The incident of the Delhi gang rape 2012, Rohtak Haryana rape 2017, or horrific assault on the girl child “Gudiya’’ are some high profile cases who get the high attention whereas thousands of similar cases face long delay. And the very famous quotation ‘justice delayed justice denied’ seems to come true. The increase in the number of rape cases among young girls shows that rising of sickness within our society.Instead of a setting of fast track court government are busy in issuing new guidelines for cow slaughter house and starting of the ambulance services for the cow. It is easy to blame the government and police for law and order but what we can do for the virus that prevailing in our society. Yes, the government and police are responsible for the security of the citizen and they are abide by the Constitution of the India to do so.

In today scenario social security of women hardly matters as we are ready to talk about the triple talaq, cow ban, right to eat, nationalism, Babri Masjid and others but is ready to talk about the women empowerment, how to control crime against women ironically India is signatory of the convention on elimination of crime against women but crime rate against the women is alarming in India. Rape threats over the internet or on the call are the new trend. In this male chavism society, women know how to raise their voice and how to get their right. Today, This society has forgotten capabilities of women . Women are ideal as Goddess Parvati and Warrior like Goddess Durga.

Instead of training and teaching the girls ‘how to protect yourself from getting raped’, we need to educate our society especially the young youth ‘NOT TO RAPE’. We need to change the mindset of our society towards the females as they are not TOY.

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