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Rape & justice

Posted by Anubha Mishra
June 8, 2017

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Nearly five years since a young woman became the victim of a heinous crime and finally, the barbarians behind the vile act get their much deserved and delayed death sentence. There is a famous saying we all must have heard of,

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.

I can not emphasize enough how delayed this form of “justice” was. The woman is dead. The family suffered an irreparable loss. And the most horrific part here is how brutally she was harmed, in ways that are unimaginable to a normal human being. How do you serve justice to a person who fell victim to that kind of brutality? And sadly it gets worse when the criminals justify their vicious act by saying that it was the girl’s fault. What kind of inhuman god forsaken world do we live in? I stress my point here,

Killing the murderer does not serve justice to the murdered.

I seriously question how do you serve justice to a person who got raped and killed? You can not give them their life back. You can’t turn back time for them. You CAN’T serve justice to the victim in a case like this. Death sentence to the monstrous offenders is a mere consolation to the family that had to go through this ordeal, something close to a sense of revenge.

It is about time that there is better law enforcement when it comes to the safety of women. I don’t want to be living in a beautiful country while being terrorized about my honor and safety. I do not want to go out in the evening being consistently skeptical about everyone who greets me. There have been countless protests and petitions on this issue but why do we seem to regress from the desired destination?

Change in the mentality of masses as big as they are in India to be brought overnight is impossible. But what is possible, and urgent, are laws for merciless punishment for sexual offenses. There have been far too many rape incidents over a short span and it is deeply saddening to see the age of the victim as low as a couple years. I don’t remember not seeing a rape story in my morning newspaper. There have been so many cases that we might as well have a regional court just for this like we have courts for juvenile offenses. Because the longer we delay the punishment, the greater are the chances of the offender to get away with it. Why delay it in the first place? I understand that legal procedures take a lot of time and that is why I here claim that there is a need for change so that another crime like this doesn’t go unnoticed and unattended or even delayed under the banner of a “legal procedure”. There is an urgent need for a stringent and immediate law to punish those under the offense in question. There is a need for fear of law to be sown in the minds of the potential offenders because it is no point trying to sow humanity into the inhuman. A message needs to be sent to the entire nation and it needs to come from the Centre. How far long can we drag justice? To a point where granting or denying it doesn’t make a difference?

The strict laws that I am suggesting are under the idea that they act as guardians to the women of our country. So that they feel safe, that they are under the wing of their parent, India.

It should be the offenders who live in terror and not the victims.

I am a free woman of a free country yet caged by the strangling perils of human perversions, and I wish for nothing more than feeling safe in my own home.

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