Rapes In India

Posted by Mayur Kumar
June 17, 2017

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Recently I encountered many people from other countries online, most of them were from #Pakistan , claiming that India is worse when it comes to #rape. Yes, rape is one of the serious issue that we are dealing with in our country as more than 25,000 rapes are documented annually. Not only this but many Indians also think that other countries are better than India in rapes but I would like to put some facts here that India is not as bad as we all think. Unites States is a country dealing with 90,000 rapes every year when prison rapes are not counted, even when US is very small in terms of population. India is second most populous country with a total population of around 1.3 billion, so you cannot compare a country with a such large population with a country of 200 million people. This is why we count rape rate of all countries, which means number of rapes per lac population. It might amaze you that India has rape rate of 1.8 per lac population whereas countries like South Africa, Pakistan and US have rape rate of 132.4, 28.8 and 27.3 respectively. Which means if there were 1 lac people in all these countries, then India would have less than 2 rapes annually, Pakistan nearly 28, South Africa 132 and US would have 27 rapes annually. I hope now you have an idea how India is better and safer than all these countries who claim India as a rapist country. It is just that we consider rape a very serious crime and we don’t want even 1 rape in our country or in this whole world. This is why whenever a rape is reported, we unite together condemn it strongly and whole country protests asking for capital punishment for the rapists. Our media is also very sensitive on this issue and this is why they always stand with the victims and make their voice to be heard by the whole nation. And this is why the world thinks us a rapist country because there’s always a loud, clear and strong voice against rape even when rape rate in India is very low. No, I am not proud of this low rate either, I will be proud when it will become 0. But sadly countries with such high rates are commenting on India instead of taking serious actions against what is going on in their own country just like we do. If they had raised this issue strongly and protested like we do in India and their media had showed what is actually happening there, I am sure no one in the world would have heard the name of India in rapes.

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