Reservation System Of India

Posted by Mayur Kumar
June 17, 2017

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No doubt that reservation is one of the major challenges that our country is facing today. Recently I have seen many people opposing reservation and how badly it is doing injustice to the people belong to general category, I am also against this reservation system as I believe we all should get equal opportunities. So i decided to study about it a little more and as I were researching over it, something stuck me and I came to a conclusion. As we all know seats reserved against Schedule Caste(SC), Schedule Tribes(ST) and Other Backward Class(OBC) are 15%, 7.5% and 27% respectively which makes it total of 49.5% and 50.5% for general class and also unreserved which means reserved category candidates can also occupy these seats. Sounds like very unfair, right? But here’s another fact. The percentage of people who belong to SC is 20%(+/-2), ST is 10%(+/-2), OBC is 50%(+/-5) and General class is just 30%(+/-5) out of total population of India. Now you can have an idea about the actual seats reserved against the above mentioned classes. Let’s put it in straight words. For example if there are total of 100 seats and total number of population is 100 including all categories then according to reservation system and the percentage of reserved categories, 15 seats are allocated for 20 SC candidates, 7 seats are allocated for 10 ST candidates, 27 seats are reserved for 50 OBC candidates and 51 seats are for 30 general candidates which clearly means that 21 seats are left and people from other categories must occupy these seats. So i don’t understand why are people criticizing reservation system so badly? It is not that bad as we all think about it. At least that’s what the stats say. It’s not giving any advantage to anyone as the population of the reserved categories is much more than the seats reserved for them, yes one advantage they get is the fees exemption. But as we all say, people who can pay their fees must pay it and reservation on the fees should be given to the people who are poor because this seats reservation is not doing anything good to anyone but just a tool to create unrest in the country. A tool by politicians used again and again to keep their legs in the government, a tool used by opposition always to create insurgency and making people like Hardik Patel so they can be used against government. This reservation is not doing anything good for the reserved categories so we all should come together and request government to end this reservation system peacefully. I hope this actual truth about the reservation reaches to everyone so they all could know and think about it

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