right,Left or Centre

Posted by Avinash Mishra
June 2, 2017

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While Sipping a cup of coffee and turning the pages of newspaper,I’m worried,terrified and disappointed at the exact moment of time.The moment you speak,write or even raise a doubt on something you’re automatically attributed to a faction.You’re either a fascist or anti-national,a right wing retard or pseudo intellectual. News-houses have turned into ideologically crippled judgemental courts and courtmen are seeking policy in false Biology.

In short,INDIA has divided into two factions;Pro-Modi and Anti-Modi, In this polarisation of people,ideas have been obliterated and all one tries is to either justify an absurd law(as slaughter ban) or mock a brilliant plan(human shield minimising collateral damage). Why this country has submerged to one man,one idea,where we sing songs of Unity in Diversity? How suddenly all Muslims are endangered,when they’re 19 percent of total population? How terrorists such as Burhan Wani and Sabzar bhatt are role models? All these questions,need to be asked to oneself by every Indian and Introspection is needed.

Ban on Slaughter of Cow.People are also supporting it and they can’t foresee the problems this will generate and Who is Government to decide what one will eat? Opposition for slaughter ban should happen,but peacefully. Why a ‘festival’ was organised for this? Only to establish anarchy. Do muslim community have feelings only? What you eat at your dining table;is your prerogative but when you come in public,shouting about what you eat and that is one’s holy animal(which they worship as goddess),then consequences will be there. I’m not supporting the beating,but I’m against organizing beef festival also.

In a next event,celebrated author “Arundhati Roy” says Pakistani army is better than Indian Army as they don’t deploy their army on their own people.’Than’ being the operative word here. Either from last two decades,she had cut all her connections from this world or she is blind to see The Obvious. A group of people is also supporting her. Have they ever been to Kashmir or having discussion in their cozy sofas make them understand the Burhan wani’s innocence. They should remember that they’re in their Sofas because someone out there is sacrificing his life and that too,to listen this. Army isn’t for Kashmiris but it’s for one billion plus INDIANS. All those Kashmiris,who want freedom,why do they have Pakistani or ISIS flag. Are Right-wingers more threat to our country than emanating ISIS? 

So,where all other Nations are talking about Bullet trains,Economic reforms,we’re discussing to make Cow as National Animal. Where are we heading? Our liberals are Anti-Right,Anti-Modi,Anti-National and our Right wing is Anti-Left,Anti-progress,Anti-freedom. You can’t understand or even fathom about the Incredulity of this Great nation on sitting at one extreme. Expand your Horizons,Walk on the centre and Enjoy the every bit of development,Harmony and be a ctive participant of it rather than Idle critique.

Plea from:-A fellow Indian

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