Sailing Solo- A take on the corporate life

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June 2, 2017

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“You are just a resource. We can get you to do anything we want.”, said her manager to my friend Monika one day. “You are not going home before finishing this petty list of tasks”, howled mine the other day.
These are just two of a few anecdotes we have accustomed ourselves to listen and not take personally. But if I may ask, is it so difficult for the people on the other side of the desk to at least be a little compassionate?

That said and done.Continuing her story further, my friend sobbed and said,” Yaar I want to quit this job and go prepare for govt exams. Guess, the aunties were right when they said, “company waali naukri ladkiyon k lie nahi hoti” .” She said that and a chill ran down my spine because from how much I knew this girl I was never expecting such negativity and dejection. She was someone who would take any challenge head on. She was the one who had solutions to every problem.

So what changed? I couldn’t decipher the exact amount of impact these everyday pickings have had on her but one thing was clear in my mind that this thing goes deeper than it seems. I didn’t stop her from quitting for no one should bear this kind of torture every single day. It was already too late. This thing had eaten her self-confidence like a termite. She was avoiding talking to her parents for they would know and get worried. She had her whole world crashing down in front of her eyes. And that too just because of people like her boss who have climbed their way up somehow to look down on people who want to do something with their lives. Maybe their egos won’t stand someone who could question their self-loathing outdated approaches!

But is it even worth it? Today, the youth in India forms one of the most vulnerable groups, who on one hand are expected to be the leaders, the backbone of tomorrow’s India, while on the other hand, are a browbeaten and baffled cluster. There is an imbalance between the youth population and the limited opportunities for admission in schools and colleges, and specifically in professional courses. This puts the youth under great pressure. And to put an icing on the cake we have corporate vultures ready to feed on their flesh.

Here comes a realization that we are indeed sailing solo!! Nobody’s clock would stop ticking if you give up. They would hire someone else or maybe two people as your replacement. They may not put in their lives in your work as you used to but stars can’t shine without darkness.So, this change is inevitable.
This post is for every person stuck in a mess somewhere. Some day you will shine. The world will hear your voice. But giving up is not the solution. Hold tight and keep sailing. YOU ARE ALL YOU HAVE GOT !!


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