Scored Less Than 80% In CBSE Class 12? Here Are the Best Options for You!

Posted by Manikandan kumar
June 19, 2017

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‘OUTSTANDING SCORES’ surely ensure dream colleges or courses, but can it decide the future? Well, the answer is a straight ‘NO’! In the long run, it’s your talent, skill and intelligence that will shape up your destiny!

While talking about 12th board exams, your grades can take you one step closer to your goals, but surely cannot ensure a flourishing career! If you stay focussed about your career, have strong determination, or know what you want to achieve in life, you can easily outshine others even if your grades were low!

In case, you too have scored 80% or below in CBSE-2017 or are confused about what to do next, here are some of the options that can ensure a better and promising career in the long run:

1. Between 90-99.6%:

The world is yours now! Your efforts, dedication and devotion towards your studies have been rewarded. You can go ahead and pick the college or courses of your choice. However, if you are planning to pursue your graduation in streams like Economics or B. Com with honours, you might need to wait till the colleges issue the second cut-off list.

Most of the reputed colleges for these two streams always ask for more than 95%. However, if you are confident on your skill-sets and career objectives, you can always have a Plan-B on choosing colleges!

2. Between 80-90%:

In case your score lies within this range, you should be very cautious! This is the range where you might have to wait for a considerable period to come within the cut-off range. But then, waiting too long can close the other prospective doors for you!

Considering the fact, a total of around 73,338 students secured above 90% (10,091 above 95% & 63,247 above 90%) in CBSE 2017, it might take time for the colleges to decide the second, third or fourth cut-off list. Keeping this in mind, it would be wise to compromise with your college selection and concentrate mainly on the courses.

3. Between 70-80%:

You are in a range that is being preceded by around 73,000 students. Being in this range, it would be advisable for you to follow the course and not to run after the reputation of the colleges. Always make sure to decide your favourite course, and then try for your favourite college. If luck don’t favour at the first shot, never think of giving it the second chance as options will gradually thicken. Or, if you are confused about which course to opt for, you can always break the ice by considering Mass Communication, Foreign Language and other similar courses. Entrance based courses can also be a rescuer for you!

4. Between 40-70%:

What to do now? Would I be able to get admission this year? Are there any hopes for me? Well, being in this range, you might find these frequent questions occupying your mind in no time. But wait…this is not at all the reality!

Rather, this is the range that offers plenitude of options to the students. Might sound unbelievable, but the fact is that students within this criterion gets to select from a wide range of courses from Open Universities. Indira Gandhi National Open University and Delhi University School of Open Learning are two of the major establishments that offer various courses under their flagship. Where honours in English, B. Com, Hotel Management, Event Management, Hospitality Management, and several others.

Yes, good scores can give you an excellent platform to launch your career, but you are the one who should manoeuvre it in the right direction! No matter whether your score is between 90-99% or 40- 60%, it’s your efforts and dedication that can bring you a brighter tomorrow!

CBSE Result 2017 Carrier Guildlines
CBSE Result 2017 – Carrier Guidelines

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