Seven colours of Life

Posted by Krovvidi Sai Ajitesh
June 27, 2017

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Seven colors of life
Let us have a look at the exciting rainbow of life.

The world has evolved over millions of years; evolution has lead to the discovery of a familiar term called “stress”. We often feel dejected due to our so called stressful life .The conversion of pressure to pleasure happens during vacations.
I indeed don’t understand whether it is a boon or bane. We can neither control our mind nor our imagination and an excess of the latter might lead to illusions. A healthy imagination, a proper goal and a zeal to achieve it, keeps you happy in life. Make your dreams a reality.
The most innovative machine on earth is the human mind. Our mind and its creations leave us awestruck. Sculpt your life with the innate mason in you who has the ability to build you and your life. Obviously the process is customized and the tool is dedication.
This option comes when you take care of the above option. You cannot imagine the pleasure you get when you carve a world where you have earned something worth more than a billion, which is nothing but happiness. Choose your choice and master it with the magic wand named HARDWORK
You can easily spot that this has not ended the way the other options did. It is exactly the same stage in life too. You are like a wavering string during this stage. Undoubtedly the staircase awaits you but it is up to you whether you climb up or get down.
Opportunity to rejoice and spread joy to the ones whom you feel are near and dear to you. This part reminds me that life is not only about searching for happiness but also sharing to fellow beings
This has begun from the first second of your life and is also the most important aspect. You doesn’t only mean you, but also how many stand with you till your last breath.

These colors are only meant to fill positivity in you but when a thunderstorm occurs in your life a new color called
BLACK would be visible.
Don’t ever give into it, for the sun will rise again and spread its rays. It will annihilate even the slightest of disturbances.In the canvas of life you can only see the rainbow when you are determined to pierce the hurdles which held you captive.Wait for the light to gleam and the flowers of success to blossom.Enjoy this gift of life and don’t let anything deter you.

-Sai Ajitesh Krovvidi.

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