She and my Bestfriend hurted me. And now she left me for no reason in this alone world of

Posted by Amit Mhetre
June 10, 2017

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We use to work for a same company. I am an Engineer and she was Interior Designer. Love sparked between us in plane during our training program trip to Gujarat. We were deeply in love with each other. The relationship lasted for two year. During this period she became more socialised with my bunch of friends. Due to Company’s low progress I lost my job. Later I started my own business. Things were going good. Started earning my own money. The respect she had fir me was at a peak. She loved me so much. Weekends Trips, Clubbing, Night-outs became frequent. And our love towards each other was growing day by day…
But as the sun rises, it also sets… Things started growing wrong. Due to sudden economic reform in our country my business went in a total loss and I was nowhere. Slowly slowly accounts started getting empty. My parents blamed me for leaving the job. I was hit back badly down to land. I was depressed and started staying away from her and even my friends. My mental condition was not alright. But after few days I found out that she and my Best friend went out for night out. Later I found a photograph of her in her phone. I asked her the reason behind it, she lied to me. I even asked my best friend about it even he said nothing. This pain hurted me alot, both of them were pillars of my life, and they broke my trust badly. I was on the verge of ending my life. Later after few days she apologized that it was a mistake by both of them and she needs everything to be fine. After few days she started arguing over my financial condition. She agrued with me day and night. I started feeling low again. The person who I need the most was going away from me in my life’s low phase. But now she has turned me more vulnerable. She said I am failed person in my life. I deserve nothing in life and left me without any idea. Today I am totally lost. I lost my love, best friend and business. Later I confronted all these things to my Dad. I weeped in his arm, cried my soul out. I still get traumatised by this. The memories are hurting me. Still I have hope for her. I still pray for her. Things are getting worse day by day. I am having sleepless nights. I have become an alcoholic. The pain is growing day by day. I am on the verge of extinction. Is loving someone madly is a crime. Is trusting someone is wrong? Is a person judged by the money only? Does relations don’t have that value anymore.? Was I wrong? Am I the culprit of my life?

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