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she- in her teens

Posted by Komal Yadav
June 23, 2017

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Few days after she started to have physical and mental change. She started to get feelings for opposite gender attraction & all. She felt wrong about herself. She thought that why is she having feelings for the guys she’s been friends like forever.  This seems to be a normal question but it’s quite complicated. I’ll tell you why she felt like that.

You know  in our country, getting into a relationship, physical or emotional, unmarried mother or live in relationships are considered wrong for society, it creates wrong impression on people and especially kids. These movies they create influences the need for sex in a life. However, all the things are not wrong for the boys. Don’t befriend them, they’ll use you, they more intelligent than you are, oh just fuck of. Go back and read history of our country, it was so beautiful, so advanced, so much better than this. If my bra strip comes to show out of my dress then I’m a slut or just simply being pointed out. But yea boys can do a lot of things that they are not supposed to do but we are not even supposed to say something to our family because I’m the youngest & we should give respect to elders even if they are wrong.

Sex is the purpose of life, it’s the beauty of nature. But in our country, in this confused generation, a person can’t even the word “sex” properly, because it’s private? Then one should not have invented condemns or sanitary pads either.

You know why is these generation gap created it’s because of we female gender itself. We think we can’t do things man are doing now. Sisters, we used to do everything a man can do but never a man can do what we can do. The only difference between genders is the sex organs & may be the vocal cord and we can bear a child because we are stronger than men. It’s just myths followed unnecessary that we are weak physically, yes we may be a little bit because it’s been more than 3000 years that we’ve stopped training ourselves. Trust me nobody will support you for what you are doing. But there’s a dialogue in “Dear Zindgi” says “agar tum apni zindgi ka steering wheel apne haatho me nhi loge to koi aur use le lega.” In english, “if you are not going to take your life in your hands than someone else will”

I’ll suggest yoga is the best answer for anything. Any mental or physical problem this definitely will help. Just sit alone whenever you want there’s no time fixated for yoga. I personally do it at night when everybody sleeps there’s no sound just breeze. It worked for me at least.

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