Shine like the diamond you are

Posted by Aishwarya Ghuge
June 15, 2017

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There are always three reasons to read anything:

1. The title and content looks inviting
2. One of your peers has read it and it popped on your feed
3. You are really bored / forced
Be it any, I hope that this adds to your life as it does to mine 🙂 .

To be very frank we all dream of doing awesome stuff which however simple it may be seems hard as hell. Why is it that a simple thing as topping an exam still a distant dream for majority of us? Why is it so difficult to follow our heart? The answer is right under our noses but we are so caught up in the rat race that we fail to see it throughout our lives. And when we ultimately do, it is too late to accomplish anything.
So let’s dissect it. Its because topping is “new” to that student. Strange, yet true. Failing becomes that kid’s comfort zone and seldom are there the right people to pull him out of it. And what better live example to share than me myself. And this is all what went through my mind when…

By the time I turned thirteen, my parents had passed away and I was sent to a boarding school. A young girl who when she completes her education would have to fend for herself in the big bad world! Quite understandably, first there was pressure to become a topper, then a sports person and now, talks of ‘Harvard’ and ‘Oxford’ hang in the air. But there is a small problem. For as long as I remember, I have always secretly harboured a dream of becoming an actor! Its what I am passionate about but who understands “passion”, right?
I may not be the best looking amongst my friends or have the best fashion sense and definitely no star family. All I have is talent and passion for what I want to become. And if there is a way to achieve it, I am sure to bet my life on it. This also means going away completely from my “comfort zone” which is filled with entrepreneurs and government officials… And lot of opposition from my family. And yet it only strengthens my resolve (crazy, I know you feel me) !

Doesn’t “this change” make life feel more adventurous and worth living? Don’t you simply feel like giving your best shot to your dream and make a name proving everyone else wrong? Even if your dreams are as immediate as bringing a new pet, or getting that favourite pair of shoes or living in Antarctica instead of New Delhi or whatever they may be, isn’t it worth an honest try? Why is it not possible? I know it in my heart that we all can go to the moon and back if we resolve to do so!

Looking at the bigger picture, even if you don’t think about yourself, think of the world… The human civilisation is losing out on millions of passionate engineers, astronauts, entrepreneurs, cartoonists, writers, etc. that can really make a difference or ‘the’ difference. I specifically use the word “passionate” because if we love something, we will go that extra mile to be better each day at it.

Then why keep shut? Why bury our dreams inside our hearts? Let’s open up and say what we really want and figure out how to achieve it. Isn’t it about time that we embrace our uniqueness and make it possible?
At times, I also imagine sitting at a dining table 20 years later and telling tales of my life to my children and what made me or broke me…And have a pang of regret hit me for all the times I didn’t give myself, my dreams a chance. I definitely don’t want my story to go down like that. I am not going down like that. That will not be who I am defined or remembered as. Hell, yeah!

So let’s get up, put on that warrior expression and “let our awesomeness shine”!

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