should coaching institutes be banned?

Posted by Adarsh kumar
June 12, 2017

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Let us look directly at the pros and cons of having coaching institutes in India, in fact not merely having it but flourishing it. But before pointing out guns towards coaching institutions let us see what were the reasons behind their growth.


The reason behind its growth are many but I would point out few important ones to make your reading less tedious.

First,The level of education being provided in government schools are of no use in life. Let’s not even waste our time talking about the government schools and government institutions because from South Korea to USA , we see examples of innovation and ideas only being born and brought up by private institutions or a company. But what worries me is the level of education even in private schools except a handful. This helped coaching institutes to flourish and make their mark in our society. but is this the only reason? let’s dwell in deep.

Secondly,We all know after every few years a sword hangs on our government of increasing the salary of each section of government jobs. This sword is nothing but the 5th,6th,7th pay commission. Looking at the graphical data of Indian economy we see that amount of money with the society is growing and being in government is your role to help in this increment. But But But what this did is helping coaching institutes. want to know how? Actually economic liberation of India occurred at the beginning of 1990s and this is the same phase when all the known coaching today were started. since economic boom helped to create wealth, the government came under pressure to rapidly increase the salaries of government employees. Hence society had more money than ever before ( let it be in the hand of handful families).  so people were capable of giving money to coaching for better education. hence it flourished. At the same time government schools kept on degrading which catalysed the growth of coaching institutes. The trend continues as we see only well off people sending their wards to the coaching centres. Of course, as economic boom left farmers to perish the same trend still continues for small farmers and lower income class people as they don’t even know the names of coaching classes.

Third,The tremendous growth in population helped them even surge their existing profit. As the population expanded in leaps and bounds there was no question of government teaching that much population. So we can’t compare it with any other country like Japan and USA. This believe me helped the coaching centres in a big way.

Finally,We all know this common trend that what higher class people does, lower income group people try and achieve it too. This made even small farmers, businessman etc to cut short their expenditure and send their wards to the coaching as well( because salary without doing work +  respect is only in government jobs,big companies etc). Hence to live a life less ordinary, just as higher class people (as they don’t have a monopoly on it) small income people left out their dream and started dreaming of that job and life. This made them enrol their ward in big coaching institutes to realise this dream. And they have every damn right to try for it even if they are not successful in it.

We will post the other half of the article later.

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