Silent emergency

Posted by Armanian Anuj
June 15, 2017

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It is my personal opinion if it hurts any one i apologize from the depth of my heart. When we go back to the days of emergency students protesting were sent to jail , political leaders protesting were also send to jail . It was an attempt to silence the ungrowing anger agnaist the government.  Todays  scenario reminds me of those days . Farmers are being murdered in the name of maintaining law and order . Students are being treated as terrorist . 4 th pillar of democracy or media houses being attacked by the political tool called cbi . Is this not a silent emergency . The only difference is emergency was announced by the government present in the 1980s  and now the government has not declared openly . Today if we donot support hindutva then we will be treated as criminal. Those who support rss only are called rastrabadi by the current central government. I will like to some up with a line as much u try to supress that much it comes up the ground

Is this not a upcoming of a silent emergency.

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