Posted by Sharad Sharma
June 23, 2017

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Recently, last night when I was traveling from my sister’s home to my home through the local train and when I was about to step down from Ballabgarh Railway Station around 10 pm I noticed a group of  drunk miscreants who were teasing the women of a family of four and when the male members of the family called the police.Police first ask them the name of the miscreants and then the policeman which was attending the call said that he is resting so we will not be able to come and refused to register their complaint …the family moves on and once again a crime get unnoticed or precisely unregistered. On the very next day, I heard a news that a senior Police officer in Jammu and Kashmir Police was lynched by irate mob whatever the reason of Kashmir unrest but nowadays mob lynching becomes phenomena and we have to worry about it.

There were three stakeholders in the above incidence of ballabgarh railway way station i.e miscreants, family, and Police. But before jumping into the conclusion and labeling someone as black and white we have to see the larger picture why this sort of incidence is rising day by day.Do the miscreants have meal time to create this kind of ruckus in the public and why they did so we have to get into this. Reasons are ranging from population explosion, joblessness,  frustration, and parentage they received from the society.

Police, on the other hand, is facing a situation where they are lacking the support system and lack of manpower and ethical training provided to them.Recently, when I talked to the policemen about their issues they told me that they do not have enough men and they have to work overtime and they were not satisfied by their working condition and their working hour is not fixed and this does not give them the zeal to work.

When the administration is not able to perform its duty and a system where a huge number of cases are piling up and 1.30 crore population is not receiving justice each day mob justice is increasing day by day.Mob justice is worrisome phenomena but when people will not receive justice through establishment they will resort to violence and will take the law into their hands and then no one will able to stop this plus fake news through whats app and facebook is adding fuel to the fire.Govts had disgruntled all the establishments by not filling their vacant posts there are laws but their enforcement is missing.But in the above scenario mob is not delivering justice but it was the result of hatred that propagated through farzi tweets and whatsapp news.


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