Slaughtered Innocence – yet again!

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June 20, 2017

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Yet again innocence is slaughtered!! The cruel reality of rape still daunts and laughs at our face when it engulfs yet another child’s innocence and childhood.

The minor girl only 14 years hailed from a small village in Lakhochak village in the Lakhisarai district in Bihar. She had appeared for her tenth examinations and was probably hoping for a good future ahead when her present was shattered with utmost cruelty. It is already a shame that our villages are not yet equipped wth proper toilets and sanitary facilities and then when this innocent soul leaves her home to relieve herself , she is gagged and tied up and taken to a nearby field to be brutally raped by 6-7 people. The most shocking of all things is that amidst her offenders are boys of almost her age or perhaps even younger.

Her ordeal does not end there , after having raped her by taking turns they take her (she was unconscious ) to a train and then throw her from the running train near Kiul station. As a result she suffers five pelvic fractures.

I find myself struggling for words as I pen down my perspectives on this horrid event.

After all this you might be thinking that probably she was then found and resued immediately and was attended with care and concern, but no! you are wrong. It was over twelve hours that she was lying there on the tracks unconscious and bleeding and in hell bent pain. She was rescued by her family members who were searching her frantically every place possible. But that was not going to be the end . Although she was immediately taken to a Sadar hospital ,she was not provided a bed nor was she attended . Her situation was critical and her condition was deteriorating by the hour but yet she was left on the floor to succumb slowly to death probably. However , the media interference began and then all of a sudden the hospital authorities felt obligated to attend her and then she was given proper attention .

The entire incident raises three questions :

  1. Are we truly a progressive community ? Does progression mean that boys as young as 13-14 years  committing crimes such as rape with such cruelty which deserve capital punishment ?
  2. Does the people of our country especially the nursing centers ans hospitals etc not understand the severity of the situation when a grievously injured rape victim is brought in ? Does the doctors not understand the cost of a life? 
  3. Even after such tensions at pan India level after Nirbhaya rape case we still can see gruesome cases of rape coming forth , the Rohtak Rape case being a stunning example and the list follows to cover more. What does that mean about our law and system ? Are we supposed to be mere silent spectators of this horrendous truth ?

I do not know if anybody can answer me these and satisfy my inner conscience . These questions are not meant to be answered but to be reflected upon. It is  shame for us that those that dauntingly rape are fearless and more awfully remorseless . Candle marches and slogans do not seem to make a difference that strong. Some ultimate measure needs to be taken.

The youth of India needs to be awake on this. Or else innocence will be smothered yet again, shame will be brought only to us not the offenders.

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