Why Smart Campus Cloud Network Of Saurashtra Is An Important Education Initiative

Posted by Urmila pokhriyal in Campus Watch
June 27, 2017

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The Millenium Development Goals (MDG) have been replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations, and all the members of the UN have pledged to fulfil the targets set under SDG. The government cannot alone achieve the goals set under SDG hence a framework has been established, and a network has been framed by the educational institutions to help the respective government to fulfil the aims and to encourage the other organisations to participate in this developmental objective. The network is known as Smart Campus Cloud Network.

About Smart Campus Cloud Network:

It is a network to engage the students in the sustainable developmental work in building smart cities of the future. The activities under the network that focuses on caring for various activities in the campus like protection of ecosystems that include reducing air and water pollution, improving wellbeing, economic opportunities and health of the youth and reducing the greenhouse gases. The main aim of the students with the support of the faculties is to achieve the core approach of Smart Campus.

Saurashtra University’s Smart Campus Cloud Network:

Saurashtra University has taken the initiative to link the educational institutions in bringing about the eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable development. Through the Smart Campus Cloud Network, the Saurashtra University Rajkot has facilitated the sharing of ideas among the students and the faculties to make the maximum out of the Sustainable Development Goals that will help both the nation as well as the institution in the long run. The Network established for the purpose also overlaps the Prime Minister’s vision of the Smart Cities and Smart India Mission. The mission of the Smart Campus Cloud Network is to be implemented via all the affiliated colleges of the Saurashtra University.

How will the Colleges affiliated to the University be benefited

By adopting the mechanism of the Smart Campus Cloud Network, the affiliated colleges of the Saurashtra University will be benefited in the following ways-

1) The affiliated colleges by the medium of the programme will get the access to the renewable energy that would be helpful in saving the energy and would become the part of the data sharing platform.

2) The affiliated colleges through the medium of the data sharing platform can get their students training for using and developing the smart campus applications and analytics.

3) With the help of the network, the participating institutions would be able to reduce the carbon footprint and thus train the students to get better in these areas.

Expected Outcome From the Network:

The most important outcome of the Smart Campus Cloud Network is that the students would develop the community spirit and also develop the sensitivity towards their role in the betterment of the society. The institutions will execute the process by contacting with the NGOs and Businesses. Thus the students will learn how to deal with the members of the other organisations. The network will also connect the students with the communication, and that would help in fostering the collective efforts put on by the students.

The vision of Smart Campus Cloud Network adopted by the Saurashtra University is extremely valuable to achieve the SDG. Such initiatives by the educational institutions mark the importance of the contributions of the educational institutions towards national development.

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