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Social media and youth

Posted by shikhar chawla
June 7, 2017

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Social media has become a very prominent part of our life.There are many positive aspects of it-from communicating world wide to exploring one’s talent.But like every coin had Two faces,similarly the effects of social media are many.The majority of social media users globally range from the age of 14-29 years.
Let us not look at the pros but the cons of using extensive social media.The effect of social media on our life styles and education is inevitable.The attention to details,pronunciation and grammar has declined thanks to chats that happen online.Evils like cyber bullying,identity theft,privacy disclosure,hacking and many more are increasing. 40% of people less than 25 years of age are reported checking their message and social media a/c every 5to 7 minute,irrespective of their schedule.

Due to reckless use of social networking sites,youth is at higher risk of depression,low self esteem and anxiety Excessive use of social media is just like intaking drugs which keeps ruining physical strength and thus making us lazy

Adolescence is the time to spread wings and take the tentative first fight out.Thus,the need of the hour is to make them aware.Parents should be vigilant of their child’s online activity.They should monitor privacy settings and their online profiles to ensure child’s better future by providing them proper guidance as well as education related to social media.

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