someone special

Posted by Sonam Goyal
June 6, 2017

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You are a crazy heart
You are a stupid soul
You are a mental person
You are someone special.
You blabber stupid things
Which makes no sense
You eat your meals like an animal
You jump & houl and irritate everyone
You are treated badly, you are treated madly,
They tease you, they beat you, they hate you
You are too innocent to understand this
And they are too clever to cheat you
They say you have no name,
You are called in numbers…
364, 5 or 6 whatever it may be
But i know you deserve better
You deserve doses of love
You deserve shocks of surprises
You deserve pat of appreciation
You deserve to be called by name
You deserve much much better…
May be old may be young,
You deserve some respect
People should look at your aspect
With world you need not wrestle
Because you deserve to be someone special

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